Prefer to listen to your content instead of reading?

Finally, get through your reading list
We provide semi-professional recordings at a reasonable price ($10 per narration)

No money?
Browse through our existing narrations and queue them up in your playlist for FREE
You can toggle the playlist by clicking its icon (bottom left corner)

How can I get something narrated?

  1. Submit an article using the form provided
  2. A real person then narrates it and uploads it to the site
  3. We'll contact you via twitter or email with a link to your narration

How good is the quality?

  • Easiest thing to do is listen to a few of our existing narrations for free. We aim to get better over time, but this should give you a good idea of what to expect
  • If you want a voice-over without any little mistakes, you're probably better off contacting a professional studio with premium equipment and a premium price tag
  • If you think $10 is too much, you could always try asking Siri or your Kindle to read to you. They can definitely read, but aren't exactly going to win any poetry competitions either
  • We're somewhere between the two, you'll get a pleasant, easy to understand recording, but we don't edit out every little stutter

Pay it forward and give back to the community
Every narration you purchase goes back into the public catalog for others to listen to for FREE

Why Elon?
As any startup knows finding a decent .com is either very time consuming or very costly. We literally just tried punching in various names and found was available for $1, so it stuck
plus if something has Elon on, it's guaranteed to be a success right?

Is British the only accent available?
For now yes =)

Can I give you some feedback?
Sure, head over to our Contact page and pour your heart out